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In an interview with one of the most versatile of Latin Americanists, Luis Roniger of Wake Forest University, David discusses multiculturalism and interculturalidad, and the questions of commitment and authenticity which arise in research and writing about these subjects.

(from the Mid-Atlantic review of Latin American Studies – MARLAS) David Lehmann interview on Multiculturalism


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A Política do Reconhecimento – Teoría e Prática

Academic Celebrity

Cardoso – From Dependency to Democracy

Charisma and Possession in Africa and Brazil

Cognitive Approach to Undersstanding Religion

Esperança e Religão

A Latin American Political Scientist: Guillermo O’Donnell

Identity, Social Justice and Corporatism: The Resilience of Republican Citizenship

Intercultural Universities in Mexico: Identity and Inclusion

An Idea, a Tribe, and Their Critics: Rational Choice and the Sociology of Religion

Religion and Globalization: A Comparative and Historical Perspective

The Religious Field in Latin America: Autonomy and Fragmentation

Remaking Israel Judaism

Sharecropping and the Capitalist Transition in  Agriculture

Religion as Heritage, Religion as Belief: Shifting Frontiers of Secularism in Europe, the USA and Brazil

Something is Happening

Two Paths of Agrarian Capitalism, or a Critique of Chayanovian Marxism

Convergencias y Divergencias en la Educación Superion Intercultural en México



Intercultural Universities in Mexico: Identity and Innovation

Shifting-frontiers of Secularism: Europe, Brazil and the USA

Dilemas de las Universidades Interculturales en México

A model of Jewish marriage

(with Batia Siebzehner) Self-exclusion as a strategy of inclusion: the case of Shas, Citizenship Studies, Vol. 12, No. 3, June2008, 233–247

Gilberto Freyre: The Reassessment Continues,
Latin American Research Review
, 43,1, 2008.pdf

The Cognitive Approach to Understanding Religion:Archives des Sciences Sociales des Religions, 2005

Oxford University Press (USA)
Remaking of Israeli Judaism: the challenge of Shas, by David Lehmann and Batia Siebzehner.

50 years of research in Latin American Studies in the United Kingdom, European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 2002.(written with Nikki Craske)

(with Patricia Birman) Religion and the media in a battle for ideological hegemony: the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and TV Globo in Brazil, Bulletin of Latin American Research, 18,2, 1999.

Charisma and Possesion in Africa and Brazil.pdf
Theory, Culture and Society, 2001.

Dissidence and Conformism in Religious Movements.pdf
Concilium, 2003.

Religion and the public sphere. Political Theology, 2006

Female-Headed Households in Latin America and the Caribean.pdf
Pour l’Histoire du Brésil: hommage à Katia de Queirós Mattoso, 2000.


Fundamentalism and Globalism.pdf
Third World Quarterly, 1998

Fundamentalismo y Globalismo.pdf
Política, 2000.

Holy Pirates.pdf
Media, Ethnicity and Religious Renewal in Israel’,(written with Batia Siebzehner) in Birgit Meyer and Annelies Moors (eds.): Religion, media and the public sphere, 2006

Religion and globalization’, in Religions in the Modern World: Traditions and Transformations, edited by Linda Woodhead, Hiroko Kawanami and Christopher Partridge. Routledge, 2009

Religion in contemporary Latin American social science.pdf Bulletin of Latin American Research, 2002. (published in Spanish in the Revista Mexicana de Sociología, 2005). pdf