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After the Decolonial

After the Decolonial examines the sources of Latin American decolonial thought, its reading of precursors like Fanon and Levinas and its historical interpretations. In extended treatments of the anthropology of ethnicity, law and religion and of the region’s modern culture, Lehmann sets out the bases of a more grounded interpretation, drawing inspiration from Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile, and from a lifelong engagement with issues of development, religion and race.

Academic Celebrity

This article examines the institution of celebrity within academia. Academic Celebrity has parallels with the celebrity seen in the wider world, though it is born of conditions unique to the fields of higher education and research and exhibits its own special characteristics.

O Remapeamento Das Tradições Religiosas No Mundo Conteporâneo

Nesta sexta feira dia 21 de setembro vou dar minha primeira conferência como Professor Visitante no Programa de Pós-graduação em Ciências Sociais da Universidade Federal da Bahia. Aqui vão umas leituras para acompanhar a aula.

Religião e globalização.pdf

Esperança e Religião.pdf

Antonio Pierucci

Secularização em Max Weber.pdf

Pew Research Center, 13/nov/2014, “Religião na América Latina: Mudança Generalizada em uma Região Historicamente Católica”

The Prism of Race

I have now laid hands on a physical copy of The Prism of Race: the Politics and Ideology of Affirmative Action in Brazil. I have to thank a very large number of people who helped me bring this to fruition over a ten-year period. Academic life has its drawbacks and many (not all) academics seem to be born with a special gene for moaning, but real pleasures come from the collaboration, the networking, the gossip and sometimes also the polemics. As for this book, it is not written in a polemical vein, though if it gives rise to polemics I will not complain.

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