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New Book on Affirmative Action in Brazil

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I have now laid hands on a physical copy of The Prism of Race: the Politics and Ideology of Affirmative Action in Brazil. I have to thank a very large number of people who helped me bring this to fruition over a ten year period. Academic life has its drawbacks and many (not all) academics seem to be born with a special gene for moaning, but real pleasures come from the collaboration, the networking, the gossip and sometimes also the polemics. As for this book, it is not written in a polemical vein, though if it gives rise to polemics I will not complain.

New Publication now out

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In an interview with one of the most versatile of Latin Americanists, Luis Roniger of Wake Forest University, David discusses multiculturalism and interculturalidad, and the questions of commitment and authenticity which arise in research and writing about these subjects.

(from the Mid-Atlantic review of Latin American Studies – MARLAS) David Lehmann interview on Multiculturalism